NJS: Introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about what it is you do.

BBL: Well, my name is Lorelli and I am a makeup artist, I’m working on growing my work and my business which is called “beautyby_lolli”. Right now I am a freelancing makeup artist, which is pretty much working for myself, and unlike the makeup artist that work at the mall that a lot of people are familiar with, I do house calls pretty much. I love this because unlike working at the mall, lets say for “MAC”, I’m not permitted to only work with one specific brand, but I work with products that I personally love and use myself. I’m also working on growing my brand and my work on social media sites such as Instagram which is booming right now and growing my Facebook page as well as my website.

NJS: How long have you been doing makeup/where did your fascination with make up begin. 
BBL: Well I’ve been doing makeup since I was in seventh grade. But on others I would say since 9th-10th grade. I become fascinated with makeup when I was really young I think I was in 5th grade, my big sister (which is two years older than I) and my mother would go to the mall and shop at MAC, at this time MAC was a brand-new company and I remember at that time not a lot of people knew about it and we were so amazed by the makeup products and the employees and how beautiful and creative they were. I remember specifically a girl who worked there and she had blue colored eyes and every time we went she would wear cool colors like blue, purple, browns and it was so different. It inspired me so much because I think at that moment I saw makeup was an art.
NJS: Do you think it’s possible for makeup to be used as a way to spread the gospel? 
BBL: Yes definitely, I think any passion can be used as a way to spread the gospel, I believe when we use our passions to spread the knowledge and the love of Christ we are partaking in our original intent. If the word says that nothing is a coincidence then I believe that the fact that we were born in a specific time period, in a specific city, in a specific date then that has to mean that the lord pre-destined our passions in us. I read somewhere that “The Lord has given us his own potential and gift to create” and that really marked me because in Genesis it says that “we were made in his image and likeness”, which means we look like him, we have the ability to feel what he feels and most importantly we carry that aspect about him which is creativity. That’s a mark that we belong to the Father. When Jesus told his disciples and “greater things you shall do” I truly believe that he meant that, we carry the Holy Spirit and in our passions the Lord keeps a fire for souls and I strongly believe that it’s his perfect Will for our lives.
NJS: Have you personally been able to minister to anyone yet? If not, what are other ways you spread the light of Christ while working? 
BBL: Yes, I have when I go to work I don’t ever try to limit the holy spirit from using me. Whenever I feel a prophetic word from the Lord for someone I release it. But another way that I let the Holy spirit flow is through music, when I do my free lancing work, I bring my makeup suitcase, ring light and my laptop and I play christian EDM, christian Trance, Christian hip-hop, and rap. A lot of times people will comment on the music and say “I didn’t know this was worship music” and I’ve noticed how the music breaks a lot of religious mindsets on how and who christians really are. I’ve had one person say “Wow this is really cool, I didn’t know this kinda music can be so nice, I would listen to this”.
NJS: What are the 3 main items needed for day-to-day makeup?
BBL: 3 Main Items would be Foundation, mascara and bronzer. I think that with those three you’re able to tackle your day looking nice and natural I often pull off that makeup look during the week.
NJS: Which hi-end and lo-end makeup brands do you recommend?
High end: Urban Decay, Makeup forever, Tarte, Too faced, Smash Box, Becca Cosmetics, benefit, MAC Anastasia Beverly Hills, It Cosmetics, Kat Von D, The balm cosmetics, Gerard Cosmetics (available online)
Low End: Loreal, Maybelline, Morphe Brushes (This is low end and available online), ColourPop (available online), NYX, LA girl, Wet n Wild, Pixi, Elf, Milani, Rimmel, and BH Cosmetics (available online).
NJS: Do you think makeup is necessary to look beautiful? If not, what is its purpose? 
BBL: No I don’t think makeup is necessary to look beautiful, I think that makeup is necessary to look complete your look just like your hair, and your clothes would all come together your makeup would be another aspect to make-up the look. I think that if you have an insecurity where if you feel that you can’t leave the house with an ounce of makeup there is an insecurity there, and an evaluation of the heart would have to take course, thats an area where the love of God would have manifest and his love would have to become real in that area.
NJS: Besides makeup, what are some other elements that go into us looking the best we can?
BBL: REST! Lol I’m a big fan of sleep! I love to sleep if I could I’d probably choose to sleep like a koala lol!! So I’m a big fan of getting 8 hours of rest a night, if not i’m a cranky person throughout the day. Also I’ve read that doctors advice 8 hours of rest a day for a healthy life style, yes people can function on on 5-6 but I’m definitely not that person lol. I also believe in drinking a lot of water, and taking care of your skin with cleansers masks, and good old coconut oil. As a makeup artist faces are our canvas, although we make it up, we have to have a nice clean and healthy canvas to make our art beautiful. Eating well is another one that I’m a big fan of, I don’t like fast foods but if i am out I try to eat the healthiest possible, I personally am trying to cut off as much GMO from my diet, and I’ve been having my heart set on gluten free, organic and GMO free products.
NJS: For someone who is a beginner, where should they start? With contour or with natural makeup?
BBL: My advice would be for beginners is know your face, you always want to start the natural way, which is as minimal makeup as possible because sometimes as beginners we like to go in with a deep contour dark blue eyeshadow and black wing liner. The outcome is not a great one, so my advice is take your time, go light and natural get to know your products, get to know your face and how it reacts to certain foundations and such. Instead of a contour I advise a nice glowy bronzer it will shape your face, and give it a nice sun kissed glow, as opposed to the deep contoured and structured look which a lot of times looks un-natural when blended out properly.
NJS: When you are booked for a makeup session, how does that usually work. Does the client show you pictures of what they want first and you do your best to mimic it? Or do you create whatever comes to your mind? 
BBL: Ok, so to book an appointment with me is fairly easy. I respond to text messages and phone calls as well as emails. I do have my email address on my instagram page so it can be more direct and professional. I do give my number out to my clients.
When clients book me I usually like to ask them questions so I can see a visual or “paint a picture” of the look and then I go from there. I ask them what the occasion is for, what kinda makeup are they looking for, most of my clients always send me pictures of their outfit/dress or photos from the internet of a makeup look they want me to recreate. But for those clients who have no idea what to do, and they tel me to work my magic, I ask them what they are comfortable with dramatic smokey eyes, or natural soft makeup. Usually I’ve noticed my clients who have no idea, usually like to go for a safe natural and soft look with a nice nude lip. I always try to feel my client out and discern what they would like. After speaking with them for a bit, I have a picture in my mind of the look and I create it until its perfect.
NJS: Is there anything else you would like to say to aspiring makeup artists in the Kingdom of God?
BBL: Yes of course, what I would like to tell other makeup artist in the kingdom is never compromise your God and your dream. A lot of people will tell you, “you can’t do it, those things are too far fetched for you”, but that isn’t true. Don’t despise humble beginnings. Always see your goal and never be comfortable till you’re there. What i’ve noticed personally is when I focus myself on the lord and I honor him first he’s faithful to provide. I mean that in every sense of the word. He has provided all my tools, and my products. He’s brought faithful clients who are very generous and warming. Through my business I’ve established relationships through my business and most importantly i’ve planted seeds for the kingdom of God. So my final advice would also be to have fun!! Don’t be afraid to try new things, and don’t box your makeup look with just a trend, makeup is for you to invent, have fun and learn!

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