In With The New.

Ah. 2017. 

Where to begin?

When a new year comes around its always exciting because it feels like the world takes a deep collective breath and braces themselves. They dig their feet into the ground and decide whether they will make firm resolutions to stick with, or just go where the wind takes them. The air even feels lighter! 

But then the inevitable happens. 

You realize that although the world seems to have taken a universal pause… life still goes on. New laws are passed, new people are in office, kids are behaving older faster, and horrible tragedies still occur.

But God is faithful.

That is something that will never change, because it’s the very essence of who He is. Firm. Constant. Diligent. Steadfast.  Unwavering. And when we fully receive that revelation into our hearts, our faith in Him solidifies. 

Speaking of things being solidified, there is something that I need to share. My previous post was about consistency, which was then abruptly followed by a period of silence from me and Not Just Sunday as a whole. Not a peep on Twitter, no post on Facebook, no uploads on Instagram, and the website may have very well been a ghost town. And I’m not talking about the Holy Spirit. (Get it? Because we also call Him Holy Ghost? Lol… Thank goodness stand up comedy isn’t my day job.) 

But here is the reason why it has taken me so long to post: change. 

There has been a lot of transitions happening for the blog and it has taken me a while to adjust to them all. I’ve also been looking into giving the website a bit of a facelift and tidying up the overall “look” of NJS. A new logo is in the works, and a series of photo shoots are lined up, so before you know it, Not Just Sunday will be a-hustlin’ and a-bustlin’.

A huge thank you is in order to those of you behind the scenes who have partnered with me through prayer and or encouragement. Chantal Mbele Phillips, CEO of Pearls of Wisdom International Women’s Ministries; Gaby Triyono, founder of Living Revelations; Makenna Ashley, fashion and lifestyle blogger; Antonella, aka The Blonde Mademoiselle (I love that name!); Justin and Cassie Gaston from Your Story Arc and Snapcraft Images, respectively; Kat, my speed-dial marketing and digital media consultant; Reyna Noriega my current photographer & artistic design guru and my role model Jessica Chow of 31-30 Beloved. Please if you have a moment check out all of their sites/instagrams or YouTube channels, you will be blessed and astounded by the talent they all have. 

Thank you to you silent readers who read every word of every post and like every picture that’s posted. It means a lot. Thank you Jesus for not giving up on me. You are awesome. Every day, not just Sunday. 


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  1. Odalys Penton
    February 1, 2017 / 4:08 pm

    Very nice Loni, keep up the great work!

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